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Serenity Bodywork combines both Eastern and Western techniques to offer you a truly unique massage experience.

The therapist’s knowledge of these two philosophies gives them a better idea of how to treat problems you may have from recent trauma to a long-lasting pain condition.

Some of the Western techniques used are:

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue is a type of massage technique that is directed toward the deeper tissue structures of the muscles and fascia. The aim is to affect the various layers of fascia that support muscle tissues and loosen bonds between the layers of connective tissues. Our goal is to get a release of these structures while maintaining good communication with you so that it is not painful.

Trigger-point Therapy

A trigger point is a hyperirritable nodule associated with a dysfunctional contracted muscle that illicit a pain response when pressed. Also, when pressure is applied to a trigger point, the pain with spread out to other areas of the body. Nearly 70% of common trigger points are located at the site of known acupuncture points. What Trigger-point therapy aims to accomplish is to release or deactivate these trigger points, thereby offering relief to the muscle and the referral area. With the amount of pressure applied there is often marks left at the site of the trigger point, but the skin returns to normal very quickly.

Precision Neuromuscular Therapy

Precision Neuromuscular Therapy (PNMT) is a special soft tissue therapy that was created by Doug Nelson, and LMT that has been in practice sine 1977. 

PNMT uses deduction techniques to pinpoint the source of a pain or other symptom and uses science based techniques to treat these causes of pain. PNMT is also client focused. The techniques learned are not used in a cookie cutter routine, but often applied to a very client-specific symptom. 

Mandy Beeman, LMT has completed the coursework for:

  • PNMT for the legs and feet
  • PNMT for the hips

Some Eastern techniques used are:


History and Philosophy

Cupping is an amazing technique used by acupuncturists and can be dated all the way back to 3000 B.C.! The Eastern philosophy is that by creating negative pressure, cupping improves circulation, relieves tired and tight muscles, moves stagnated energy, and increases vitality. The Western philosophy is that the suction of the cup relieved the pain in the muscle body and loosens the fascia of the affected area.

Cupping marks

Regardless of the red or purple marks you may have seen on other people, cupping doesn’t hurt. The color (also known as petechiae) and intensity of the marks that show up are actually a sign of dysfunction or pain in the muscles: The darker and deeper the color, the more dysfunction you have.  After a set of cupping treatments, the marks will continue to get lighter, signifying a reduction in dysfunction and increased circulation.

Fire Cupping?

Cupping therapy is also known as “fire cupping,” but don’t be afraid of that term. It’s as simple as this: we use heat to create suction in the cup. By lighting a small flame and quickly inserting it into the bowl of the cup, it creates a suction when we place it on the skin. The cup, itself, is not heated or painful in any way.

Cupping rates vary and are often included with an integrative massage cash rate. Feel free to call if you have questions.

Cupping is known to relieve many conditions including:

Chronic pain conditions

Scars and stretch marks

Orthopedic conditions

Traumatic injuries

General anxiety



Cold & flu





Gua-sha is an ancient healing technique. Sometimes it is known as spooning or scraping. This is a technique that uses specific tools to scrape against the skin to raise the “sha” or therapeutic petechiae. Petechiae or “sha” shows on the skin as deep red marks, but have no pain associated.

In Eastern medicine raising sha removed blood stagnation. Modern research has shown that therapeutic petechiae acts as an anti inflammatory and immune protective effect. It is often used to manage muscle stiffness and pain as well as some internal organ disorders. 

We use several other modalities in our Integrative Techniques as well, including:


Cranio-sacral therapy



Myofascial release

Neuromuscular therapy

Muscle Energy Technique

Pre/Postnatal massage

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