Serenity Bodywork Membership

Are your stress levels running higher than normal these days? Regular Massage is known to reduce stress and prevent many injuries associated with repetitive movements that we all do everyday.

This decade has proven to be a test on all of our minds and bodies. Try something that might help take off some of the strain.

Join our membership program today to experience how regular massage therapy can help maintain a happier and healthier lifestyle. Members receive discounted monthly massage credits that can be conveniently booked online, so you will always have a reason to carve out some much-needed me time every month.

It takes just a few minutes to sign up for a membership plan! 

Improve your well-being by getting started today!

Scheduling is limited. Online booking is open and if you are an established patient you can book yourself by pressing the button below.
Book Now on!

If you are a new client, please call/text: 503-860-2372

To book your first appointment, you can also email:

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